What is Trailcap?

Receive a rebate on your existing investments or life insurance

If you have investments within a managed fund, super or life insurance, then you're likely to be paying a commission (also known as a trailing commission or trail) to your adviser, broker or other intermediaries. Even if you haven't spoken to them in years, or set it up directly, commissions are being collected or retained by the financial institutions not just once, but year after year.

Depending on the fund or insurance policy you chose, and the size of your investment or cover, this trail can add up to thousands of dollars every year. Especially if you and your family have more than one fund or insurance policy – it can make a big difference over time.

At InvestSMART, we assist our members to obtain rebates on products such as managed funds, superannuation and life insurance, and give back close to $2 million in commissions every year to our clients.

All you have to do is fill in the one page form - There will be no change to your investments.

About our
TrailCap program

InvestSMART Group Limited is a public listed company (ASX:INV), we help Australians protect and grow their wealth.

One of our services is to assist Australians to obtain cashback on the fees and commissions that may be paid to brokers, advisors, or retained by the financial institutions.

How it works

If your funds are eligible for the TrailCap™ program, the trailing commissions we receive will accumulate, and once every year, on the anniversary date when you switched to InvestSMART, you’ll receive 50% of the accumulated trailing commissions, less our fee of $300 per year.

Rebates will be automatically deposited to your nominated bank account via electronic fund transfer (EFT).

Here's an example of how a couple with a super fund and life insurance could save with InvestSMART's TrailCap™:

The following Managed funds may be eligible for cashback

AMP Capital Investors Limited

AMP Life Limited

APN Funds Management

BT Funds Management Ltd

Challenger Limited

Fidante Partners Limited

Macquarie Investment Management Limited

MLC Investments Limited

MLC Limited

OnePath Funds Management Limited

Perpetual Investment Management Ltd

UBS Asset Management

these insurance companies may be eligible for cashback

AIA Insurance

TAL Insurance

Zurich Insurance